Terms and Conditions - Encore "Kinderkleiderbörse"


  1. We accept the following items for children: Clothes : sizes 50-176, childrens toys, baby items, seasonal sporting goods.

  2. Ownership of goods: All items will be accepted for sale on commission and remain property of the customer up until the point they are sold by shop.

  3. Condition of good: Goods must be clean, undamaged and complete. We cannot accept damaged and dirty items, these will be disposed of without consultation. Clothes with small stains are sold in then Fr. 2.- basket to be further loved by "mudlarks".

  4. Unsold Items: Unsold clothes with white or pink labels are passed after 3-6 months to a charitable organization. They will not  be returned to the customer. Unsold items with a yellow label (eg, children's furniture, prams, bicycles and brand clothes brand) may be redeemed after 6 months. Later claims are excluded.

  5. Pricing: The prices are determined by the staff of the shop. The prices depend on the brand and the condition of the item, and amount to about 20-35% of the new value of the item. Our commission is 50%. (That is, if an item is sold for CHF 20 the customer gets Fr. 10.- and the shop Fr. 10.- ). For articles selling for under Fr. 2.- the entire income goes to the shop. Payout is continuous to the customer personally. We reserve the right at any time to reduce the price of any item. This is especially true for seasonal products at the end of the season.

  6. Liability: We accept no liability for any loss of the goods that we sell on your behalf. We accept no liability for loss, for example, by fire, water, theft and / or other damage, or loss of labels.