Why I started


There are so many reasons to buy second hand. Enviromental, financial and because it saves us mums precious time and energy.
My aim is to find new homes for the things that ought to be loved by many and deserve a long life. Encore is for people who recognize the great value, and downright awesomeness, of pre-loved things.
As a parent, I’ve experienced the accumulation of stuff that comes with raising a child. It seems like we’re always hunting for something our children need when we already have more stuff than we can manage. It's a non-stop cycle.
I see an opportunity to change this cycle, make it meaningful and dare I say, even fun. Once you dive into the world of pre-loved, it’s hard to go back.
It's increasingly difficult to spend less, but we still want the best for our kids. And there's a certain comfort in knowing another family will love and appreciate our things just as much as we did.

Carissa Clark
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